The optional module instacount.CONTROL works against nasty surprises in your cost analysis and helps to achieve clear calculations. It also allows balancing of different cost pools.

From the moment it is installed, instacount.CONTROL ensures the precise allocation of costs to individual departments during everyday operation. This empowers decision makers to do specific planning.

The instacount.CONTROL module also supports your logistics. Since transport containers and delivery notes are bar-coded, every single sterile item always finds the correct recipient.


  • Automatic cost calculation at the point of production (background function)
  • Flexible cost allocation with user-defined classification system
  • Individual label and count sheet printing for set identification
  • Determination of consumable costs, logistics costs and fixed costs
  • Bar code-supported issuing of sterile supplies
  • Issuing of cost center-related delivery notes
  • Comprehensive evaluation and reporting functions


instacount.Control instacount.Control instacount.Control instacount.Control

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