The modular philosophy of instacount® PLUS involves not only the instacount module family but also means communication with other manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software solutions.


instacount.PDI is the interface for the integration of sterilizers and washers/disinfectors in the system. All process data are recorded and put into intelligent correlations.

Interfaces to all leading device manufacturers:

Belimed, BHT, CISA, Dirschl, ebro, Getinge/Maquet, Hawo, Holzner, Johnson & Johnson, F&M Lautenschläger, Miele, MMM, Olympus, Steelco, Steris/Hamo, Webeco/Matachana


The integration of various information technologies and software solutions is more important than ever for the hospital as a successful commercial enterprise. The instacount.HDI interface system ensures the best possible integration of instacount® PLUS in your general IT concept. Right from the start, instacount.HDI was designed for maximum flexibility and expendability. Because this is the only way to meet the diversity of demands arising from various transport protocols and message formats. This open format allows the decision makers at your hospital access to all relevant data, any time.

  • Integration of the sterile supply and instrument cycle into the general IT concept of the hospital
  • Flexible communication framework for individual interfacing between instacount® PLUS and other software systems (system-dependent)
  • Supporting all common transport protocols (Socket, HTTP, FTP, MLLP, LLP, HLLP) and message formats (XML, XML-RPC, HL7, HCM, etc.)
  • User-defined request/response setup for inbound and outbound communication

The requirements for device interfaces or wider communication with other IT systems must be checked in each case.

Just contact us. We can design your interfaces to make your instrument management a 100 % success – throughout your hospital.